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0000007Bully MPClientpublic2019-05-15 17:42
ReporterSalwadoRAssigned ToMyU 
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Summary0000007: player.spawn() method bugs if player in vehicle
Description1. If player seat in vehicle and try spawn him then he go to respawn with vehicle. But, it works on any seat, driver or passenger.

2. If try respawn player in vehicle, and if he far away from spawn position, and if he on passenger seat - then we can buggy client.
Steps To Reproduce1. Enter into vehicle
2. Use player.spawn()
3. Tada!

1. Enter into vehicle
2. Go far away from spawn position
3. Seat to passenger seat
4. Use player.spawn()
5. Profit
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2019-05-15 17:42

administrator   ~0000004

Issue acknowledged, we'll look into it.
Try to make sure to eject players from the car in the meantime.

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